Tapak | Urban food Street Dining

Kuala Lumpur, food truck park

In the heart of Kuala lumpur, people mainly go to visit the Twin Tower or Petronas tower located in KLCC. This place is extremely crowded on the weekend and public holiday. In KLCC mall, there are so many high-end stores that many people with high shopping budgets come to visit. For sure, if you feel hungry the restaurants here also sell the food is quite an expensive price.  Other choices, you can go to the signature food court on the 2nd floor of Suria KLCC to find cheaper meals. But this choice is so mainstream, I will show you another option that more interesting, more delicious (in my opinion) and of course, with friendly budget 🙂 

Tapak Food Street,

The name of the place is Tapak Food Street, people from a young age, oldster, and family with kids also can enjoy this food street. The foods are also variable from heavy meals, snacks, boba tea, ice cream and so on. Tapak food street is decorated creatively, the lights hang neatly and make the area warm and cozier. Not only the decorations but the stalls are very creative because of all the seller here comes with their own food truck. They decorate the food truck as well, we really can spend quite some time here to relax and forget about works, class, homework and just focus on enjoying those nice delicacies and the comforts of  Tapak food street environment. 

K avenue

Kind of food that they sell here are; Sate (like sate Madura, served with nut sauce), Churros, Lamb/chicken grill, coconut shake, cendol, Thai food, Local food like nasi lemak, and many else. Well, I hate to be curious so I don\’t want to make my readers curious too. I will start to guide you guys from KLCC LRT station. When you reach KLCC LRT station, look up for K avenue direction, turn left and follow the way. then get into the 2nd  floor till you find Dolly\’s restaurant or cotton on\’s store. From here you will see a way out to the street.

When you already on the main street then walk into the intersection. Go walk through Le Apple Hotel Boutique Hotel around 300 meters then you will find Tapak Food Street Urban Dining 😀

Well, I hope you guys will visit Tapak Food street if you have a plan to visit Malaysia, cause it worth for your hungry stomach and social media needs, ^^ and for you who already in Malaysia or foreigner that currently work/study here. Make sure you ask your friend to hang out here, it\’s fun and cool though. 

Bye – Bye guys, see you on the next article……