Review Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier

Xiaomi Air Purifier

Hello readers!, I have been eager to write a review about Xiaomi Air Purifier, which I purchased on 30th November 2020, but I waited for a month so that I can have the filter photo after some time usage. I have a sinus problem, I also allergic to dust, I have two cats and their fur is flying everywhere, hence I decided to purchase an air purifier as I am still working from home.

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Product details

  • Brand: Xiaomi 
  • Type: Air Purifier 3H 
  • Color: White 
  • Area efficiency: 126m2 per hour 
  • 0.3μm Particle Removal: 99.97 % 
  • Filter Lifetime: 6~12 month 
  • Rated Power: 38W 
  • Product Size: 52 x 24 x 24cm
  • Product Weight: Approx.4.8kg total weight (includes filter)
  • Price : RM520 (I bought at

Special features


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Special features


  1. OLED Digital Touch Display, it shows filter … room temperature and humidity.
  2. Three stages HEPA filter system 
  3. Able to filter 380m3 Air per Hour (1500 square feet house can circulate the air for 1 time in 1 hour) 
  4. Compatible with MI home Apps / Work with google assistant & voice control (I download Mi App on my mobile phone)

I have been using this Xiaomi Air Purifier for 6 weeks in my 400 sqf studio, and so far I notice that.. :


  1. It makes me easier to fall asleep, usually I will sneeze a lot.
  2. It Deodorize the smelly air, as I have two cats at home where I keep the litter box inside.
  3. When I cook or dust the room the sensor will immediately detect the particles (when in automatic mode) really help to reduce the cooking smells in my room.


filter Xiaomi Air Purifier
Here is the picture of the filter after 6 weeks of usage


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This air purifier does its job. I would recommend it without hesitation for anyone who lives in the center of a big city, especially if they also have allergies similar to the ones I experienced. Just a gentle reminder from me, don’t forget to change the filter once in every 6 months to keep the purifier function effectively so that you can breathe in clean air all the time😀.