Review wet food Kit Cat

Hi readers!

In the previous article I have explained about important things to consider before choosing food for your cat. Starting now I will review more about cat products, as I experienced myself as one of researchers everytime  I want to buy everything for my lovely cats  I need reviews and insights from others 🙂 
I will start with wet food that is produced from Singapore, \”Kit Cat\”. After doing some research and comparing many brands,  This brand is the winner for best wet food for cats. So I have been giving my cats super premium  deboned and wild caught. I will elaborate more why this brand is the winner later, but now let\’s start the introduction:  

Introduction to Kit Cat wet food:

  • Brand: Kit Cat
  • Type: Wet food
  • Product series: Deboned and Price for deboned: 2.70 rm for 80 grams, canned Price for wild caught : 4 rm for 400 grams canned 
  • Packaging: Canned
  • Country origin: Singapore


Wild Caught

Wild Caught

There are many variants of Kit Cat wet food, I mostly buy it in mix flavour as my cats do not have any favorites flavour. My cats have been consuming this product for 2 months and overall they are fine, healthy and happy, no vomiting, no diarrhea and no bad mouth 🙂 
I mentioned before that this is the best wet food for cats that I ever bought because it naturally formulated for cats of all life stages, so no need to be busy picking up wet food for cats or kittens and I also can feed stray cats around my neighbourhood. 

Some points that are important and why I love this product are: 

  1. Grain free, yes it is very important to feed your cat with grain free product    
  2. Hairball control
  3. Reduce risk of kidney stones
  4. No Artificial preservatives 
  5. No pork, no lard
  6. Rich in omega 3 & 6
  7. Human grade quality *yes you cat eat it if you want to try 😀 
A lot of  good points from Kit Cat wet food for your cat, some other brands also promote their grain free product but they still add artificial preservatives. Others also mention without preservatives but they put corn, soybean, or other grains which is not good for cats. Hence for now I will keep feeding my cats with Kit Cat wet food. With a lot of advantages that they promote the price is still reasonable compared to other popular brands which do not sell as good as ingredients of Kit Cat wet food.