Review dry food Purina One kitten

Hi readers,

As I have promised you before in my previous article, I am going to update you about the products that my cats consume. I feed my cats dry food and wet food daily, a full bowl of kibbles, and one or two times wet for a day. I still feed my cats with the \”Kit Cat\” brand for wet food, If you have not read my review check this link kit cat review. 

Giving your cat healthy food is a must, you do research on the internet, take samples from pet stores, try many brands but rarely we feel satisfied with our choice. I do experience this as I am very concerned about my cats and I want them to have a long happy life. Now I will review to you about current dry food that my cats consume \”Purina One Kitten\”. My cats have been eating this food for 2 months, I ended up with this brand as I received samples from a pet shop.

 I gave it to my cats little by little and mixed it with their food (I fed them Royal Canin baby and mother at that time) two weeks passed and I saw my cats\’ weight gained, their cheeks become chubbier and some amount of fat on their stomach which I can feel sorely. Hence I decided to feed my cat with Purina One kitten, they have been eating Purina One for 2 months now and I am quite happy with the result.


  • Brand name: Purina One
  • Made by: Nestlé Purina PetCare
  • Country of origin: Nestle pet product – Thailand
  • Packaging: Zip locked plastic bag
  • Main Ingredients:
  • Price: RM 45 for 1,5kg


  1. My kittens are getting fat, it proves the high protein that they mention on the packaging
  2. It maintains the quality of my kitten\’s fur, stays shining, soft, and just a normal amount of loose hair.  
  3. They poop consider as normal, (like modeling clay: not too soft, not too hard) 😀


  1. The smells of the kibbles are not really strong.
  2. Kibbles are medium size, easy for kittens to chew.
  3. Price is affordable and Purina One Kitten is also easy to find around Malaysia

BUT. . . .

I decided to change my cat\’s food to another brand because I have some concerns about this product for a long time period consumption.

  1. The product contains wholegrain wheat and wholegrain corn that is not safe for cats. It was my mistake because I was too happy with my cat\’s body result and did not research properly before buying this brand.
  2. Some product from this brand has been recalled from the market (just knew it after I read more reviews and articles) 🙁

I am happy with the result after my cats consumed this brand for 2 months, they are healthy and happy but I more concerned about future or long term effects for them. I have heartbroken experience losing my cat because of kidney stones a few years ago and I cannot make another mistake again.

This article is my personal review and point of view of this brand, I hope it will help anyone who is doing research or information about products for their cats. Feel free to comment or ask questions down here, and thank you for reading! 🙂