Beaphar Pet Calmer Review

Hi readers!

In this post, I would like to review my cat’s behavior calmer product by Beaphar. This Beaphar pet calmer product helps me to prevent unwanted behavior from my cats. I have 2 kittens in my Condo and their traits are very active, and playful. During this locked down period in Malaysia it’s kinda stressed me out while I have to work from home and they cannot let me work peacefully, Lol.

Lets start with the details of the product: 

  • Brand : Beaphar – Calming home spray
  • Origin : Netherlands
  • Applicable for : Dog, cat, puppy or kitten
  • Function : To prevent the symptoms of distress/unwanted behaviour like scratching, spraying or
  • Price : 33.90 Rm
  • Buy at : Shopee Malaysia

Now lets take a look of this product

Beaphar okamotret
Beaphar Pet

The effect so far….

I have been using this for a week now, at first there was no significant impact but after the third day it started to show the effect. About 5 – 10 minutes after I sprayed it to my cat’s box, cat tree or their blanket they a little bit calm, sometimes they will become sleepy and sleep. The smells is kinda weird, like a sour fruits that you keep for a long time.

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I advise not to use this Beaphar spray every day, just when you really need it like when you will travel with your cat or you will go to vet in the next 3 days so you can spray it around the house a few days before repeatedly.

That’s all the review from me, this beaphar product also available in collar form. You can google it and buy it if you prefer the calmer collar for your cat. ?

author by : Suci Hanifah